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today, tomorrow and beyond.
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Traditionally, organising a funeral can be a complicated and expensive process for families, particularly with the influx of multinational companies.

Over our last 30 years, experience has told us that families want the option of a more simplistic, quality and affordable process while still maintaining a dignified and high-quality service to farewell their loved ones.  Significantly, families have told us there are three key things that they require to enhance the quality of their experience.  Fixed transparent pricing with no hidden costs or upselling; a specific range of high-quality coffins with an environmental option; and an efficient and simplified administration process so they can focus on what matters.  This experience has led us to create Simple Goodbyes. 

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Experience the Difference

We offer unique opportunities for families to create healing moments after loss.

today, tomorrow and beyond.
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At Simple Goodbyes we cater for families wishing to farewell a loved one by way of a funeral service at Norwood Park Crematorium, a gravesite service or a cremation with no attendees.

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Simple Goodbyes is proud to offer cremation services at Norwood Park Cremotorium, gravesite burials or non-attendance private cremations.

For those that are mindful of the environment we also offer the option of a bioboard coffin

Our unique options are a simple but dignified way to say good bye to a loved one in a cost effective way.

today, tomorrow and beyond.
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